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The "May I" Series

Grace A. Wolf, Author

Making the world kinder, one book at a time.

 Passionate about spreading awareness, understanding, and acceptance, Grace Wolf has poured her heart into crafting the "May I" series of children's books, where she encourages her young readers to extend friendship and acceptance to those of diverse backgrounds and abilities.

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May I Sit at Your Table? takes us into the world of Abby, a Deaf second grader who uses American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate. Despite her elementary school being a hub of joy and laughter, Abby often finds herself lonely due to her peers' lack of understanding about her unique way of communication. Inspired by her parents' words of encouragement, Abby tries to engage with her classmates, only to be met with confusion and dismissal. When her plight is noticed by Ms. Baker, a caring teacher, she takes it upon herself to teach the class about ASL, gradually guiding the children to understand and empathize with Abby's world.

The story beautifully captures the transformation that comes with understanding and acceptance, underscoring the importance of empathy, inclusivity, and embracing our unique attributes. May I Sit at Your Table? leaves readers with the important message that everyone, no matter how they communicate, deserves to be heard, seen, and accepted.

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May I Come to Your Party?  takes us on a heartwarming journey through the eyes of Jimmy, a young boy with autism. Just like any other child, Jimmy loves games, cake, and presents, but the sounds of the world are too loud for him, and the colors are too bright. Despite his challenges, he never stops trying to fit in.

When Jimmy discovers he is the only one not invited to a birthday party, his heart fills with disappointment. Thankfully, he has a classmate whose understanding of autism – and empathy – runs deeper than most. Inspired by her own experiences, she becomes Jimmy’s advocate, causing a positive shift in their classroom.

This beautiful story unfolds with each page, highlighting the incredible ripple effect of understanding and kindness. As Jimmy finally celebrates alongside his friends, this book invites readers to appreciate the vibrancy everyone brings to the world, particularly those who experience life a little differently.

May I Come to Your Party? is more than a story about inclusion for those with autism. It’s a lesson in bravery, empathy, and the transformative power of standing up for others. It also reminds us that our differences don’t eclipse our need to connect, to be part of the joy, and, most importantly, to be seen and accepted for who we are.


May I Sit at Your Table?

  • The BookFest Awards ​(Fall 2023)


    • Fiction- Juvenile- Multicultural/  First Place

    • Fiction- Juvenile- Social Themes/ Third Place

    • Fiction- Juvenile- Family Fiction/ Third Place

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May I Come to Your Party?

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May I Come to Your Party?


Grace A. Wolf’s May I Come to Your Party? is a poignant and thoughtful exploration of the challenges faced by children on the autism spectrum, as seen through the experiences of the protagonist, Jimmy. Wolf portrays Jimmy as a compassionate and endearing character, grappling with the complexities of social interaction and inclusion. His journey underscores the often-overlooked emotional impact of feeling excluded due to being perceived as different.

The narrative unfolds with Jimmy’s realization that he has not been invited to his classmate Clara’s birthday party. This moment serves as a pivotal point in the story, highlighting the nuances of social dynamics among children. Clara’s response to Jimmy’s query about the party, masked by a lie, is a critical moment that Wolf handles with sensitivity and insight. Alice, another classmate, emerges as a key figure in the story. Her response to the situation reflects a deep sense of empathy and understanding. Wolf uses Alice’s character effectively to convey a powerful message about the importance of inclusivity and kindness toward those who may seem different. Wolf’s depiction of Jimmy’s autism is done with care and respect, emphasizing his sensitivities to sensory stimuli and communication challenges. The narrative strongly advocates for seeing beyond these differences, affirming that every child, including those with autism, deserves acceptance and inclusion.


May I Come to Your Party? is a significant contribution to children’s literature, addressing vital themes of empathy, understanding, and the value of including everyone, regardless of their differences. Wolf’s narrative is a testament to the transformative power of embracing physical and intellectual diversity, fostering a sense of belonging and unity among children.

May I Sit at Your Table?

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Literary Titan Review1

May I Sit at Your Table? by Grace A Wolf is a compelling narrative that centers around Abby, a second-grade girl navigating the challenges of connecting with her peers due to her deafness. This book thoughtfully portrays Abby’s journey as she endeavors to communicate in a world where her voice is not heard in the conventional sense. Wolf’s portrayal of Abby’s experiences is a poignant symbol of the broader experiences of the deaf community, offering readers insight into the loneliness and isolation that can accompany communication barriers.

Grace A Wolf’s children’s book is a testament to her skillful storytelling, balancing clarity with depth to make the story accessible and engaging for various age groups. The book’s tone strikes a harmonious balance, avoiding overly complex or simplistic language. Through Abby’s eyes, readers are introduced to the laughter and joy of an elementary school while also being made acutely aware of the exclusion she feels.

A pivotal moment in the story is when Ms. Bakers, Abby’s teacher, educates the class about American Sign Language (ASL). This act of inclusion is a powerful narrative turning point, advocating for empathy and understanding toward different modes of communication. Wolf uses this development to emphasize the importance of embracing uniqueness and fostering an environment of acceptance and accommodation.

May I Sit at Your Table? provides young readers with a broader lesson on empathy, inclusion, and the human spirit. It serves as a reminder that understanding and accommodating each other’s unique ways of communication enriches everyone’s experience. Wolf’s picture book is an enlightening read that encourages readers to consider the diverse ways in which we connect and understand one another.

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About The Author


Grace A. Wolf is a 2024 graduate of Clayton High School in St. Louis, Missouri. She will be attending Stanford University.  Grace has been profoundly influenced by her brother Sam, whose strength, optimism, and tenacity in navigating life with autism have been both enlightening and

humbling. Living alongside Sam has also provided Grace with a firsthand understanding of how people who are different are often excluded by society.

Passionate about spreading awareness, understanding, and acceptance, Grace has poured her heart into crafting the “May I” series of children’s books, where she encourages her young readers to extend friendship and acceptance to those of diverse backgrounds and abilities.

Her first book in the series, May I Sit at Your Table?  (August,2023), garnered a number of national book awards including first place in The BookFest Awards. The second book in the series, May I Come to Your Party? (November, 2023) has also won numerous National Book Awards including the Literary Titan Gold Book Award.  In its professional review of the book, Literary Titan described it as "a significant contribution to children's literature."  The third book in the series, May I Be on Your Team, will be published the summer of 2024. Grace is firmly committed to laying the groundwork for a more compassionate society, one book at a time.

About The Illustrator*

Sam Head Shot.jpg

Samuel J. Gross is an illustrator who brings stories to life. Diagnosed with autism at the age of 3, Sam discovered his love for art before he even uttered his first word. Sam's resilience in overcoming the challenges presented by his journey with autism, coupled with his distinct creativity, enables him to infuse a unique vitality into every character he creates.

Sam is the loving older brother of Grace A. Wolf.

*Artistic shading and color enhancement provided by Grace A. Wolf.

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